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Jun 7, 2002 09:49 AM

dinner near Brandeis

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My boyfriend and I are going to a concert at Brandeis tomorrow. First, we're meeting up with his folks and having dinner. Any recommendations? We've looked up these places: Carambola, Il Capriccio, New Mother India, Solea, Tuscan Grill. Isn't Carambola owned by the Elephant Walk people? Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Yes, it is. IMO it isn't as good though. There are tons of options along Moody St and Main St. Can you be a little more specific on what type of food and what price range you're looking for?

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      We're open to any type of food--we're adventurous in that respect. Price in the moderate range, not too pricey and fussy--$15 entree average (Is that moderate for most people?)

      1. re: raj1

        I think Carambola is in that price range (? don't remember what the bill has come to). And it is very good. Luminere, while incredible, is much more expensive.

        1. re: cjb

          In Waltham...Carls for great pepper steak sandwiches.

        2. re: raj1

          Good price range, that pretty much puts several options, such as Lumiere, Il Capriccio, Tuscan Grille, and Casa Mia out of range. You'll probably run up a pretty good bill at Carambola too.
          Here's a few suggestions, and I'm sure others will add more:
          Jake and Earl's on Moody St. (BBQ)
          Mi Terra on the upper end of Moody St. (Honduran-Guatemalan if I recall correctly)
          New Mother India, which you mentioned, for Indian.
          Tacqueria Mexico, on Charles St, is really good.
          Ritcey's, also on upper Moody St, is good for a non-atmoshphere but good quality seafood meal. A better choice for your scenario may be Waltham Seafood on Main St.
          A few miles away, in Watertown Sq. on Galen St., is New Ginza for sushi. I haven't been yet, but my sources rave about it.
          Despite the terrible name, I have heard that Tom Can Cook, on Moody St, is pretty good Thai.

      2. Lumiere in West Newton is also reasonably close by, and far better than any of those you list. But it may be extremely difficult to get a reservation at this late date. Worth a try, though.