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Jun 6, 2002 11:27 PM

Joints in East Cambridge?

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Anyone have anything on Maria's behind the Citizens Bank on Sciarappa (sp?) or The Snack Bar? Or perhaps suggestions for any other spots in East Cambridge. I've been lurking around there lately. Had some great salads at Second Street Cafe when they first opened, but they seem to be falling off a bit now. Recently bought chicken from the "Fresh Killed Poultry" place and can't believe how good it tasted. Also brought home red mullets from Courthouse Fish Market to fry up. I'm on a mission!

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  1. La Hacienda on Gore St. heading towards AJ Wright on the left just before the RR Bridge. Best Pizza around, great steak tips. Give it a try. Still one of the old places with saw dust on the floor.

    1. I haven't eaten there but the Courtside looked like it had decent/passable bar food and it sure is a joint.