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Jun 6, 2002 06:56 PM

Best Fried Chicken?

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Saw the recommendation for Chef Lee's in Dorchester... so who else is a contender?


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  1. I still like the fried chicken breast w/ skin on mashed and cole slaw at Johnny's. Easy to eat and $9.95.

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    1. re: Joanie

      What's Johnny's?

      1. re: munchabunch

        Are you referring to that "Johnny's?"
        I've eaten there a handful of times, but never had their fried chicken.

        Mass Ave, under Dolphin Seafood, a little bit south of Harvard Sq.

        1. re: oystershucker

          Yep, Johnny's Luncheonette, also in Newton Center. Haven't eaten there much but really liked the fried chicken and just had some good cereal crusted french toast a couple weeks ago.

          1. re: Joanie

            have you tried the "Glorified Fried Chicken" at Bob the Chef's near the corner of Columbus and Mass Ave. Awesome Chichen and you must try thr Sweet Potato Pie!

            1. re: Bino

              I had their chicken (and Sw Pot. pie) at a benefit there last fall (and was on TV too!) and thought it was good, but the ease of eating the chicken breast is what I like about Johnny's. And at $9.95 for that and great mashed pot., it's a relative bargain.

              1. re: Bino

                fairly tasty but the last two times I've eaten there the chicken has been somewhat dry.