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Jun 6, 2002 04:42 PM

New Russian place in Arlington

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Have any Arlington area 'hounds tried the Cafe Levonya yet? (on Mass. Ave. near Mill St., next to Bagels R US) I went in today to check it out but had no money on me. I was drawn by the sign in the window that said "pelmeni"...there were frozen veal pelmeni in the freezer case, along with several other types of dumplings.

The place appears to offer deli sandwiches and a case of pickles, salads, etc. that included pickled oyster mushrooms (never seen those, very intriguing), vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, also a case of salamis and other meats, and up top some trays of some pastries including rugelach. I think I also saw halvah, but this was not entirely Jewish Russian food. Also caviar, cheeses...sorry I don't have more details. Must go back with money and try many things.

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    David "Zeb" Cook

    I've been in there a few times, just for groceries though. They carry the ajar and baked yogurt my wife likes. The impression I've gotten is that they're a little inexperienced at things, well-intentioned but maybe just a little disorganized. At one point they insisted I eat an olive before they would sell any to me -- I think they were worried I'd find them too salty. Maybe this weekend we'll try their sandwiches and be able to report more.

    David "Zeb" Cook