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Jun 6, 2002 11:50 AM

If there is a clam crawl......

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Can I invite myself? I lurk here a lot, but rarely post because with two young kids, I rarely get to eat Chowhound food. However, I'm a serious chowhound.

Pretty please? :)

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  1. If there's a clam crawl not only will you be invited but now your attendance will be downright expected.

    In all likelihood one will be arranged this summer. On the appointed day you can only discharge this new burden by crawling along. :)


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    1. re: Psmith

      Thanks so much! As a native New Englander, I have a fine appreciation of a decently fried clam. I had some at Legal Seafoods at the airport the last month and they were awful!

      1. re: Anne

        But of course, you must join us!

        So, speaking as a native New Englander, where would you suggest we all go for a "decently fried clam"? I'm thinking Essex Seafood, the Clam Box, East End Seafood in Rowley, maybe Kelly's in Revere. Any place else we should be considering?

        1. re: C. Fox

          All excellent choices, but may we not also eat steamers? That's what I usually get at those places. I find I can eat twice as many clams without the batter ;-)

          1. re: chowcat

            Great idea. I was wondering what we'd use to cut the grease. I love steamers too. We could share an order of fried and one of steamed at each place.

            1. re: C. Fox

              Not all of those places do steamers. Clam Box and Kelly's do not. Woodman's and Essex Seafood do. The place in Rowley, I can't believe that I missed that one.

              1. re: chuck s

                Do we really have to GO to Woodman's?

                1. re: galleygirl

                  Ive posted here a few times by the name of scott mccarrick in case im remembered
                  If you want GREAT fried clams
                  go to Mikes Roast Beef in everett on rt 99
                  They are small clean and sweet.
                  I think all you hounds will love them

              2. re: C. Fox

                That's what the BEER is for!! Or wine, preferably... Some of those towns are dry, aren't they? Advance planning will be critical.....

            2. re: C. Fox

              Someone said East End closed a while ago. Is that not true? Their clams were wonderful (but the lobster roll was not).

              1. re: C. Fox

                Sadly, I haven't had decent fried clams in ages! Years ago, I always got them at the Clam Box.

                I had fried clams at Kingfish Hall a few weeks ago, and was surprisingly unimpressed. Making good fried clams seems to be an art.

                1. re: C. Fox

                  I wouldn't skip Farnham's, if I were you. I was just as impressed with their fried clams as the Clam Box's.

                  1. re: C. Fox

                    My nan loved Farnam's above all others.

                    I've been away from MA for a while. There are several good clams spots that I never hear mentioned anymore; I wonder if they have closed, or if their quality has declined:

                    MacIntyres's on Route One in Rowley?

                    The Busy B's in Topsfield on Route 97? They served fried chicken livers. Would they kill you? Who cares? They were THAT good.

                    Here's a tricky, elusive locale. There was a marina at the old naval base behind Salem Willows, and that marina included what a very good clam shack. So small, I'll never know how they stayed in business. Nan was a fan of their clams, too.

                    The Grand Turk in Salem served fried clams that were very pretty, but I found them flavorless.

                    And fond memories of Vic's Drive-In on 114 in Danvers, and Jimmy's in Danvers center.

              2. Big Momma, everyone is welcome at EVERY chowhound event, (unless we run out of room, if it's a small place....) frequent poster or not, just jump right in!!

                Just one thing; are you also Anne? Could you just post under one name, so we'll get to"Know" who you are!

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                1. re: galleygirl

                  Yes, I'm Anne, I'm identity challenged. LOL

                  I use different names on different boards and must have forgotten where I was. Anne is too "vanilla" for a chowhound board.

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    Yes, I'm Anne, I'm identity challenged. LOL

                    I use different names on different boards and must have forgotten where I was. Anne is too "vanilla" for a chowhound board.

                    1. re: Big Momma

                      "Anne is too "vanilla" for a chowhound board."

                      But really good vanilla is not too "vanilla" for a chowhound.