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Jun 4, 2002 11:54 PM

Avenue Cafe in Cambridge

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Thanks Chuck and Steve for the location of Jimmy Mack's/Avenue Cafe. I finally made it over and had some mighty fine bbq chicken. The place was empty, though, on a Friday night. What a pity if he doesn't make it due to out-of-the-way location (Western Ave. near Western Front/Memorial Dr.)

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  1. I've been going there once every few weeks since it opened. I find that the quality varies quite a bit. I really want to like it, but I haven't decided whether I do.

    My observations:
    -the french fries are consistently good
    -fried chicken seems to be consistently good as well
    -pulled pork and BBQ seems more erratic
    -portion size can vary quite a bit
    -I like my BBQ with more sauce than is generally provided (I ask for extra)
    -the owner is friendly but sometimes a bit awkward

    With Bread and Circus around the corner with a Blue Ribbon BBQ counter in it, I have a tough choice whenever I'm in the mood for this type of food. I want Avenue Cafe to succeed and so usually go there, but think the BBQ is actually better from the Blue Ribbon counter.