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Jun 4, 2002 01:37 PM

Diva Report

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I've been to Diva in Davis Square twice before, and it was tasty both times, but they've either taken the food to a new level or I just ordered the right things this time, because it was REALLY GOOD and beautifully presented.

Highlights were:
- A "compliments of the chef" bite of crispy fried swordfish in a green sauce.
- The best mango lassi I've ever had.
- A delicious cold watermelon soup
- Shrimp chaat, served inside cones of those crispy flat breads which I don't know the name of.
- Swordfish tikka masala
- A duck appetizer which I forgotten the exact details of.

Unfortunately, our waiter seemed to be living in another dimension. When I ordered two items off the (apparently new) summer menu insert, he took it from me and stared at for about 30 seconds like he'd never seen a printed page before. We never got our vegetable raita and the naan we ordered didn't come until we had finished most everything else and were too stuffed to eat anymore. They did not charge us for either the raita or the naan (which we took home with our leftovers). All-in-all, a great meal which would have been fantastic with a competent waiter.

Spent $50 for two, including one glass of wine, no dessert.

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  1. A glass of wine? Didn't they used to be dry? That would be a change for the better.

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    1. re: C. Simon

      Yes, they have a liquor license now (and a bar)

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      David "Zeb" Cook

      On leaving the Burren late last night, my wife and I were lured across the street to Diva by their "late night menu" sign. Well, as best as I could figure it was the same as their "rest of the evening menu" but they were serving until 1:00. So we ate.

      Well, even late at night when much the kitchen was shut down (the tandoor wasn't running), the food was still very good. The menu has a few items I've not seen elsewhere -- mostly northern Indian and fish dishes. We ordered the cold watermelon soup (lightly spiced with cardamon and other flavors to make it savory/sweet), flatbread flavored with saffron, and tandoori paneer -- big cubes of hard paneer cheese, skewered and cooked in the tandoor oven. It had been clearly made ahead of time (like I said the tandoor was shut down), but it was still very good and a welcome addition to the usual vegetable skewer that makes up the standard vegetarian tandoori option. (We're not veg ourselves but were recovering from big meat at lunch.)
      The paneer was accompanied by grilled vegetables and a simple salad with a very aromatic fenugreek dressing.
      The whole thing, along with a big Flying Horse beer ran $30. We liked it well enough to grab a menu on the way out and want to go back and try it sometime when the kitchen is fully open.

      David "Zeb" Cook

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        ...but what about the service? A friend and I found ourselves there in similar circumstances -- late night, after the burren -- and enjoyed great food and absurd service. We were the last diners seated and as the others left, the bus boys and waiters started clearing up the place to the point of sweeping the floors around our feet. As a former waitron, I don't object to the staff doing standard end-of-shift sidework, but we definitely felt unwelcome. It made the great food not as good, and the check certainly seemed too high. Since then, I've only taken out from Diva -- a worthwhile option when you have a movie to watch and a bottle of wine to enjoy. How was the service went you went?

        1. re: yumyum
          David "Zeb" Cook

          The service unexceptional -- not weird or horrible but not notable, either. All told there were about three other parties in the place at the time with 1 waiter and the manager(?).

          David "Zeb" Cook