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Jun 4, 2002 01:00 PM


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I know it's not food related, but it's a Boston issue, not national, so here goes....

Anyone planning to watch? Even if out of sheer curiosity? I think I may have to.... :)

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  1. I'm afraid I'd have to turn in my counter-cultural pseudo-entertainment avoidance pledge badge if I watched it. No way.

    1. Please, excuse my ignorance but, what are you talking about?

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      1. re: slade

        There's an article in the Globe today below. And I'd like to add that I know one of the people profiled on one of the segments, and to the "TV snobs" who are judging this show -- she's a real hero.


      2. Nope. If it managed to get programmed on network TV, it probably is geared to a specific market that I don't fit in (and there are sooo many) and is a waste of time, I figure.

        Back to chow!

        1. I watched about 40 min of it. Didn't think it was too exciting. And I can't believe everyone's got an accent. I know lots of people who grew up around her who don't have such pronounced Boston accents.

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          1. re: Joanie

            Regarding the accent thing: Alot of people who live in the suburbs, whose PARENTS probably moved out of the city a while ago, have accents. Growing up in the city, almost no one had an accent, maybe a few holdovers in dorchester and southie, but usually the suburbanites have more pronounced accents.

            1. re: Joanie

              I watch it just to hear the accent! I think it (the accent) is gorgeous......then again that could just nostalgia talking.....I've been accent-free on the west coast for over a decade.

            2. I watched held my attention..not real exciting, rather like watching real life unfold in a Boston work day. I'll watch again.