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Jun 3, 2002 12:25 PM

Welcome dinner for Coyote, Zeb, and Limster

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Time to set a date and place for this festive occasion. To give our newcomers time to settle in, and to avoid the holiday, I suggest we shoot for the second week in July -- say Wed. the 10th or Thu. the 11th? Which is best for the 3 principals?

As for a location, I'm willing to go with Rubee's recommendation of Tu Y Yo, although the idea of a North Shore clam crawl REALLY appeals (some weekend in late July or August, perhaps?) Of course, by July 10th, Coyote will have cased the entire area and will be in a position to give us all a few tips...

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  1. Cool - both dates work for me.

    1. Why wait till July? How about joining us for the June Chowmeet? =)

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      1. re: Ben C.

        Well, it'd be a bit of a commute for Limster, who hasn't moved into town yet...and Zeb mentioned that his wife hadn't arrived either. Just making sure they can be present at their own welcome party. ;->

        Of course, anyone who IS in town is welcome at any Chowdinner... (yep, Coyote and Zeb, that IS a hint...)

        1. re: C. Fox

          Oops, my bad. I have been out of the loop for a while..

          Well, unfortunately I will be missing the welcome dinner, as I will be somewhere in UK enjoying my vacation ;-)

          Any good eats while I am there? (I will be in Manchester/York/Edinburgh)

      2. July 10 or 11 looks good for spouse and me. Am open to all cuisines.

        LOL re giving tips--have learned more than imparted on this board, am sure. HOWEVER, if C. Fox can't get enough of me here, he may be interested to know am also traveling through, chowing, and trying to sort out the entire New England region on that board!

        1. d
          David "Zeb" Cook

          Either July 10 or 11 is fine. As for where and what, I leave that to folks with more knowledge about the region.