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Jun 3, 2002 10:51 AM

Rincon Limeno Dinner, Tues June 11

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Some of us have been talking about revisiting Rincon Limeno since we made it a stop on our ChowTour of East Boston, see below. There were WAY too many things we wanted to try ceviche,stews, big platters of crispy calamari...Oh yeah, there was meat, too ;)....The time is now! Tuesday June 11, at 7:00 pm, 409 Chelsea Street in East Boston, right near the Wood Island T-stop...Now is the time for all good chowhounds to practice their restaurant Spanish! As usual, all are welcome...

Who's in?


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  1. me!

    Only 6 weeks left in Boston and I've never been to any of these Eastie places. Shame on me.

    all, always, in every weather,

    1. That's too bad - I have something I can't change that night, but have have some ceviche (and a papa relleno) for me. Keep me posted on the date of the Chowhound Dinner to welcome Coyote, Limster, and Zeb!

      1. Me, me... pick me. I want heaping plates of calamari! I want ceviche! I want to explore an unknown (to me) part of Boston!

        1. Me too, me too! Add the silent partner as well -- "provisionally" he says, but I believe he'll make it.

          1. d
            David "Zeb" Cook

            I haven't talked to the wife (who only just got here) but I hoping she'll be interested. So at this point we're a tentative yes. It would be nice to meet other chowhounds, after all!

            David "Zeb" Cook