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Jun 3, 2002 09:16 AM

Kimball Farm lobster rolls?

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I was just doing a little digging over on the New England board, looking for lobster roll information. The name Kimball Farm comes up. They have a website, and as it turns out a few locations, including one in Westford, MA. Does anyone know if the lobster rolls there are as good as the ones at the Jaffrey, NH location?


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  1. The Kimball Farm in NH and the one in Westford are not related. The one in Westford only serves ice cream (and maybe hot dogs). Those delicious lobster rolls are at the one in NH (they serve ice cream and other food, too).

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    1. re: K

      They certainly are related, as is the third one in Carlisle. They do have different menus though.


      1. re: Alan H

        Yes, all related. But Carlisle and Westford don't sell food, just ice cream treats.

        1. re: jpan99

          And don't forget, you don't need more than a kiddie size cone.

          1. re: Joanie

            Even the kiddie size serves two.

          2. re: jpan99

            Hmmm. My daughter and I are headed out to play miniature golf at the Westford Kimball Farm this morning, and I was just looking at their brochure. It mentions a luncheon grill that is open to the public on weekdays. There is also a gift shop that sells baked goods, some of which at least LOOK good. Maybe I will try the grill today.


            1. re: ErstwhileEditor

              I stand corrected. They do serve food during lunch at the Westford location. I can't seem to see past the ice cream flavors I guess!