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Jun 3, 2002 08:46 AM

Finally made it to Uncle Pete's

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After salivating every time I read a review of Uncle Pete's BBQ in E. Boston, I finally made the trip over the weekend. Wow! IMHO, the best ribs in Boston. My friend and I split the beef and pork ribs. The pork was a masterpiece-- smoked to perfection, with a nice smoke ring, clearly finished with a not overly-sweet sauce on a hot grill. The beef ribs were a bit fatty for my taste, by extremely flavorful and quite tender for a beef rib. I have to say the sides didn't hold up to the splendor of the main courses. In particular the mashed potatoes, while definitely "real" potato, were a bit too sweet, but the fries were fantastic and not at all greasy.
I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Pete. He's a really nice guy and was more than happy to share some of his secrets. After a lengthy conversation he brought me a bowl; of pulled pork, on the house, for me to try. Fantastic stuff. Interestingly, he got his start in the Thai restaurant business. He was one of the owners of King and I before selling out to his partner and moving on to BBQ.

If you haven't been to Uncle Pete's yet, go. It is worth the trip.

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  1. I had heard that the pork ribs were superior to the beef at Uncle Pete's. I have had the pork but not the beef. I agree with your high esteem of the pork.

    Incidentally, as I indicated on a post below, one dish where the Thai influence shines through brilliantly is on the Mango Salsa appetizer. A nice fresh clean flavor that is the perfect prelude to barbecue.

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      I find some things tend to have a strange sweet influence. The bisquits w/ cream cheese on top (do they still serve those?) and the jerk chicken was like sweet & sour chicken. A friend tried the fried chicken and thought it was weird. But the pulled pork, asian slaw and onion rings were great. I think there are certain things that shine and some that have a weird twist.

      1. re: Joanie

        I definitely did not like the rolls. They seemed to be like a little biscuit, flavored with molasses, and an icing, not cream cheese, on top. Maybe some odd Southern thing I missed when I was in the South?
        Still, LOVE the ribs!

      2. re: C. Simon

        Do they still serve the Thai Slaw as well?