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May 30, 2002 07:19 AM

lobster roll

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Is there such a thing as a good lobster roll? Or are they just rolls of flavored mayonaise? Where, in the city (I don't have a car) can I find one? Thanks for your suggestions.

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    I think that the lobster roll at Kelly's still rates as the best. Granted it is a bit pricey but worth every penny. It is stuffed full of wonderful lobster with little mayo.

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    1. re: SeafoodSamantha

      Here's a hint for a Kelly's lobster roll. They are huge so ask for an extra roll and split it with a friend. Shrimp rolls are also good.

      1. re: chuck s

        I also think the Kelly's roll is very good. Someone mentioned it is tough, but that must have been an isolated incident - the ones I've had have been perfectly succulent.

        I know the original poster was looking for public-transportation-friendly places, but for anyone in the neighborhood, I'd also recommend the Dairy Joy on 331 North Ave (I think that's route 117?) in Weston. I had a delicious lobster roll there last summer (I'd also recommend you finish off with a cone of javaberry soft serve).

    2. You might try the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. It definitely doesn't have much (if any) mayonaise but I didn't think it was that great (even tho they advertise as best in Boston or something). It was $15.95 w/ fries when we went. I had a decent lobster club sandwich at Boston Beer Works. But a good lobster roll is hard to find, esp. in town.

      1. Legal Seafood has a great lobster roll.

        Local legend Jasper White was the executive chef there a few years ago and his recipe was still in use as of last summer.

        Although I have to admit the Legal Seafood restaurant chain is getting better, it is difficult for me to recommend it after so many bad years.

        Hook's, right downtown on Atlantic Avenue, has a good lobster roll. It lacks the crunch of a toasted bun, but the lobster itself is a classic.

        The lobster roll at Kelly's is tough. Very, very tough. Fageddaboudit.

        1. Do yourself a favor. Rent a car and drive up to Red's Eats in Wiskasset, Maine for the best lobster roll on Earth. It costs about $10 but worth every bite. A whole lobster tail is included for your eating pleasure.