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May 17, 2002 03:31 PM

Taste of India, Symphony Hall

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Has anyone tried that fairly new, Taste of India, near Symphony Hall?

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  1. I wrote this on 5/6 altho I was too sick to be helpful.

    That was the last meal I could taste after my cold really kicked in and even spicy Indian food didn't clear things up the next nite. We tried Taste of India by Northeastern which bills itself as Bangladesh cuisine. Split the fried potato patties, onion naan and a shrimp curry that was supposedly Bangladesh style (and came with rice). I could feel the spice but can't comment on the taste. But my friend really enjoyed it and said it was his best Indian food experience out of about 5 tries. Prices were pretty good altho the shrimp dishes were relatively high ($15.95; apps $2.50-5). It's a very nice, kind of fancy room but only 5 other people were there. Hopefully they do good Symphony business at

    1. Is this by any chance related to the Taste of India in Dorchester (Dorchester Ave @ Savin Hill)? We dropped into the Dot Ave location because I couldn't face another smoke-filled meal at the Harp and was too lazy to cook after all-day gardening. All I can say is, WOW. Really fantastic Indian food, possibly the best I've eaten in Boston. Wonderful cooking in the tandoor oven, salmon wonderfully moist inside and flavorful outside; fantastic garlic naan; plus yummy spicy veggie biryani. Even the chicken spinach thing was way above average. Finally a neighborhood joint with good food! No liquor license, tho'.

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        The night we ate there - and enjoyed it thoroughly! - they were handing out $10-off coupons to the Dorchester location, so I assume they are related.