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May 12, 2005 01:20 PM

good french dip in Seattle?

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Does anyone know of a place to get a good french dip sandwich in Seattle? Thanks!

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  1. Pamela's Fine Foods, 6th and Stewart downtown. They serve breakfast and lunch.

    1. My favorite is the prime rib sandwich at Bings in Madison Park. The one at the RAM in U Village isn't bad either.

      1. I like the one at Barking Dog on 70th, a bit north of Ballard.

        1. This probably sounds hard to believe, but...

          Rascals Casino in south Seattle has a very good prime rib dip sandwich.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! I did try the prime rib dip at Bing's today and it was very good. A bit pricey for an everyday lunch ($13.95 for sandwich and potato salad), but good for the the occasional craving.