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May 12, 2002 07:07 PM

Dim sum in Woburn for Mother's day

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Just had to report on the great dim sum we enjoyed at China Pearl in Woburn today. Thanks to whoever posted about this spot.

After about a 35 minute wait (comfortable lobby seating) our party of 5 was seated in the baroquely-decorated circular, tiered dining room. The carts came around with decent regularity, and the choice and variety were excellent. I haven't eated at the Chinatown restaurant in years (since finding Chau Chow City) and was very impressed with what we had. The scallops in crispy taro root were sublime, as was the eggplant and tofu, crab claw/shrimp balls, shrimp dumplings flavored with sesame oil and cilantro, and especially the scallion dumplings. Prices were the same as for Chinatown (about $12 per person) as far as I could tell.

I highly recommend this option for those living north of Boston. It's easy to get to, parking, etc. 288 Mishawum Road, near Woburn Mall right off Washington St. exit of I-95.

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