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May 10, 2002 03:13 PM

Beef Curry Donut

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I know Japonaise Bakery has received mixed reviews on this board. After my first visit, from appearances alone, I can see why the reviews are mixed. Some of the items looked very good, while others looked ordinary, or worse.

The item I selected, a beef curry donut, was excellent. The sweetness of the beef curry paired well with the fried doughnut dough. No worries: no powdered sugar or sprinkles!

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  1. My absolute favorite from Japanoise is the Azuki Cream bun. It is a cream puff that is more like a croissant in terms of pastry, filled with a layer of red azuki bean paste and lots of slightly sweetened whipped cream. The combination sounds weird to me, but the sweetness and earthiness/pastiness of the azuki beans is complemented perfectly by the great whipped cream and pastry.