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May 9, 2002 02:15 PM

Blue mountain coffee anywhere or is this the wrong board?

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New to the board, but anyone know where they server genuine blue mountain coffee? Rhythm & Spice maybe?

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  1. Last I heard - and I could certainly be wrong - was that Jamaica's Blue Mountain coffee production was down. The few coffee buyers that I've talked with say that they're buying mountain coffees more from Central and South America. Rhythm & Spice is certainly a Carribean restaurant, but not necessarily Jamaican, so you might be better off trying to purchase the coffee yourself. Try Tropical Foods on Washington Street off Melnea Cass. near Boston Medical Center and Dudley Square. They have EVERYTHING for Caribbean cooking. Plus, you never know what you might find in one of those small neighborhood Caribbean groceries like that little yellow one on Hampshire Street in Cambridge...

    1. Real Jamaican Blue Mountain runs $25-35 a pound depending on the plantation, so you're unlikely to find it by the cup many places. There are lots of places that sell JBM blends and at that point, you don't know what you're getting. The blends are probably 1-10 percent JBM. You would not be able to taste it. You get the image without the substance.

      Not that there is much stustance. JBM has a very, very, very delicate flavor. You need a refined palate to be able to find anything interesting about it whatsoever. Personally, I think it is overrated. The Japanese buy 80% of the crop every year and that tends to jack up the price - supply and demand. Unless you can like hype in your cup, you can get a better coffee with a similar taste profile, like Costa Rican La Minita, for 1/3 to 1/4 the price.

      Try DeLuca's Market in the back bay. Verde Coffee on Washington Street in downtown crossing has both La Minita and Jamaican Blue. There have been supply issues, so JBM may be out of stock. You might want to call ahead.

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        They will have it if nobody else does. You gotta try their coffee. It is completely unmatched.

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          They will have it if nobody else does. You gotta try their coffee. It is completely unmatched.

        2. Don't know about where you can get it served by the cup, but you can buy JBM from Armeno Coffee Roasters for about $35/lb. You'd probably get more bang for your buck with one of their other varieties from the Americas. I prefer Indonesian coffees, so I wouldn't know which one to suggest, but I'm sure the staff there could help with that.

          Armeno is currently my coffee provider of choice; they do mail-order but you can also stop by at their store in Northborough and get coffee roasted while you wait. You can also get a savings card which gets you a free pound of coffee after you buy ten.



          1. Some interesting tibits about Blue Mountain coffee here (which is pretty consistant w/ what James said)


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