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May 9, 2002 12:12 PM

Mother's day quandry

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I'm a frequent reader of the Boston board with a dilemma. My Mother is visiting Boston this weekend and has requested a restaurant with a view of the harbor. We'd like to find a nice place that isn't too extravagant. My mom's tastes run to your basic American & Italian. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's gonna be tough to be *in* Boston and eat with a view for not a lot of money. What about that Intrigue cafe at the Rowes Wharf hotel? Or you could go to an old fair standby like Anthony's. Eating out on Mother's Day is the worst tho, go Sat. nite instead.

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      What about Joe's American Bar and Grill? Its not gourmet but may be to your mom's liking...and its got a view of the harbor.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! I can't believe I forgot about the Joe's on the water. I think it's going to be there or the Chart House. Although, I'll have to check out the Intrigue cafe at a later date.

      2. It's surprising that there's such a lack of restaurants along the harbor. I tried to think of all of them, but most of them I haven't been to. Maybe others have some more info.

        There's Rowes Wharf Restaurant (have heard good things but is pricier than you may be looking for)and the previously mentioned Cafe Intrigue (more casual) at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

        Jimmy's Harborside Restaurant -- Eaten here twice before FleetPavillion shows. The menu is stuck in time but they have good renditions of the classics such as baked stuffed lobster, baked stuffed shrimp, etc. and other traditional seafood dishes.

        Chart House Restaurant -- haven't been.

        Eastern Pier Seafood Restaurant (not what you're looking for, but they actually do very well with seafood, although I haven't tried their oysters in black bean sauce to compare with the revered Peach Farm)

        Joe's Bar and Grill has outside seating and a nice view.

        And I haven't been to Anthony's in years.

        Hmmm....I don't even think this post is helpful...