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May 8, 2002 02:44 PM

Any good restaurants in/near Andover?

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We are coming into Andover from out of town. Help! It seems like a desert out there!

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  1. My review of Cassis in Andover is linked below.


    1. For a restaurant that serves good food, I would recommend Grassfields in Andover on Route 28. Although not fancy schmancy, it is a step above, say, the 99 restaurant. The entrees are in the 10 - 20 dollar range. We often go there for special occasions.

      They serve steak and seafood there and I've never been disappointed. They have excellent specials there, too. My mother likes to order the rack of lamb which shows up on their specials menu from time to time. I suggest you go early for the specials since they tend to run out because they are very popular.

      It's located at the front of the Market Basket plaza, in Andover, approximately 1 mile south of Route 495, next to the McDonalds. Hope this helps you in your quest for good Andover food.


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        Thanks for your help!!