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May 8, 2002 11:03 AM

New Pho Hoa in Chinatown

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While we were dingin at Pho Hoa in Dorchester, we found out the same owner opened up another Pho Hoa in Chinatown. Not sure where, I think close to Beach Street. The same waiters and cooks rotate between the two locations.

Has anyone tried there new location?

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  1. I was suprised to find out that Pho Hoa is a chain of franchise restaurants. More info at the link below.


    1. Pho Hoa is all over the place, on in Allston, one is Chinatown, one in cambridge. another one on newbury... they are all over. The one in chinatown use to be in chinatown, but has now moved to the place beside CPK.

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        I just did a quick search on the Yahoo yellow pages and the only one that comes up is the one On Dorchester Ave. If possible could you be a little more specific on locations,esp the one in Cambridge

        1. re: ScoobieSnack

          Opps my bad I was talking about Pho Pasteur.... sorry =] but yeah if that's what you are looking for its in cambrige within a shopping centre there.. I forgotten the name but its 1 block from havard square

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            Mixed them up as I know the one in Singapore.