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May 7, 2002 06:12 PM

Best Chocolate in USA? - Burdick's in Harvard Square

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I don't say this lightly, but I would say that Burdick's Chocolate in Harvard Square would be a strong nominee for best high-end chocolate in the USA.

There are a couple in NYC like Richart or Leonidas, but they are imports, and I prefer Burdick's.

The only place that I have seen really comparable locally made chocolate is in Paris or Brussels.

Hope this post generates a storm of replies!

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  1. I don't know about the relative merits of most other high endish chocolate places...

    but oh my gawd do I love their hot chocolate. If it were possible to have intimate relations with a cocoa-based beverage, I would never leave the bathroom at Burdick's.

    Incidentally, I don't think it's possible. All I got out of it was some most unfortunate second degree burns and a restraining order.

    1. I agree completely.

      The amazing thing is watching people look at those petit pieces of chocolate, obviously underwhelmed, and then watch their faces when they eat them. There are more layers of flavor packed into these little gems than in many a full box of other premium chocolates.

      My mom just got the wooden box I sent her for her birthday and Mother's Day, but hasn't opened it yet, and is very, very curious.....

      Not cheap, but excellent value.

      1. L.A. Burdick has some nice chocolates, but it is difficult to compare across categories of chocolates. The best truffles, for example, may be at Masion du Choloat or Payard in NYC. Although, L.A. Burdick's are very good.

        When it comes to simple pieces of chocolate (blocks and bars), my favorite is Scharffen Berger. This guy takes the attention to detail that is devoted towards winemaking in California and utilizes it in making chocolate. The result is a remarkably complex flavor that, because there are several varieties, really can be savored and disucssed like a great robust red wine.

        You can find it at many specialty stores. The Bread and Circus on River Street has nearly the whole line.


        1. s
          Stanley Stephen

          Do they have a website?

          I haven't tried them, but I have been blissing out on XOX truffles. Not those golf-ball sized laquered freaks, but tiny French-style gems (80 to a pound).

          Jean-Marc Gorce makes them as you watch in his tiny shop in North Beach in SF.

          There are a few awards noted below.

          I've started giving these as gifts and every single person takes a bite and there faces all have that same look of bliss. Everyone has said they are the best they have EVER had. Check the site out and read the reviews. For once they are accurate and actually don't do enough justice to these chocolates.

          Voted 10 best artisan chocolate in US by Chocolatier Magazine.

          Voted one of the 7 best Chocolates in the USA by the Food Network's Rosengarten report.

          Nothing else but truffles. 28 kinds. My vote is the caramel. Though these are hardly larger than the tip of your thumb, I take 2-3 bites savouring the rush of flavor and the smooth, silky sensual mouth feel. At $16 for a pound (80 remember)they are one of the great world-wide finds. I've paid three times that for European chocolates that could not begin to compare.

          Seems the order form doesn't list all flavors, but if you read the reviews, you can get an idea of the others. Heck, just order one of each.


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          1. re: Stanley Stephen

            XOX sounds a bit similar to Burdick's: very small, very flavorful chocoloates.

            I'll have to try them out.

            Here is the web site for Burdick's.


          2. I swear I got a hot chocolate hangover from their hot chocolate. That stuff is amazing. I've never had anything that strong. And their chocolate mice might just be the cutest edible thing ever.