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May 7, 2002 04:32 AM

Live Crawfish

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It's crawfish season. I found a vendor that will ship live crawfish for $2.50/lb, but requires a 100lb minimum to get this price. I'm looking for crawfish lovers in the Boston area to split the order with me. My planned shipping date is Friday, 5/17.

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    David "Zeb" Cook

    I would love to but my temp apartment lacks the capability of processing and quantity of crawfish.

    That said, having just come up from Texas where live crawfish are much less a novelty, $2.50 a pound is better price than most places down there (of course you don't have to buy 100 lbs. at a shot). Then again, by proper crawfish feasting standards, 100 lbs. is enough for about 20 or so hungry folks.

    David "Zeb" Cook

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      check out Capt Marden's in Wellesley. min. order is 10 lbs, i think.

    2. also try Deanie' they ship all kinds of cajun stuff including live crayfish.