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May 7, 2002 12:07 AM

Where is the Champagne cheapest in Boston?

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Planning on going out for some celebration in a few days, as it is the end of college for many of my friends. Silvertones and Franklin Cafe both have Veuve in the $41-45 range, but I was curious if there were other options. I know Legal's has Dom for $100, but does not have an atmosphere. Whiskey Park charges $375 for Cristal - ridiculous.

The issue is not absolute price, but relative to retail and quality, for example Krug would be great for $100, but not even close for $200. Any ideas?


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  1. I think champagne is going to expensive in any place that has the kind of atmosphere you are looking for. I recommanded that you buy a couple of bottles home and just enjoy them with your buddies before heading to town. I am an avid student of wine and believe that unless you are having a meal, good wine should always be consumed at home, after all the price they charge outside of a good wine shop is ridiculous. There is a good wine shop on route 9 on the border of chestnut hill and brookline