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May 6, 2002 08:59 PM

Sushi with salt!

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At the risk of losing all credibility among serious food-lovers on this board, I am disclosing the results of an experiment I tried tonight. I was in the mood for sushi, but the fiancee wasn't. So we stopped by Sushi Express, and went next door to Via Via, where she had a sandwich while I had my sushi.

Anyhow, when I opened my sushi, I found that there was no soy sauce. Instead of heading back to Sushi Express to get some, I thought I would just enjoy the sushi without it. I have often thought that too much soy sauce gets in the way of the flavor of the fish, so I figured why not try it without any at all?

Initially, things went well. But then, I thought that the fish started to seem a tiny bit bland. It could use a little pick-me-up. So I reached for the salt on the table at Via Via.

I thought it was an overwhelming success. It had all of the flavor-enhancing properties of the sodium in soy suace, but didn't have any of the strong soy flavor dominating the fish. Rather, it brought out the flavors of the fish. Interesting, I thought. I may even be a convert. I think that next time I have sushi I will have some with soy sauce and some with salt.

Incidentally, I only had yellowtail and salmon. And, all the yellowtail was gone by the time I whipped out the salt. So, I like it with salmon. But I'm not sure if it would be as succesful with other fish (other than, perhaps, mackerel). Although, I don't see why not.

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  1. Interesting! You may have hit upon the Next Big Thing. Watch for it at Nobu!! (with, of course, a selection of Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian volcano salt, etc. etc.)

    I'll definitely have to try this next time I have sushi. Odd to think that nobody's tried it before (or at least, hasn't tried it and posted about it here). Thanks for the idea.

    1. Grown up eating sushi cos my dad works for a Jap company and I dun think it would work. Salt spoils fish, takes out the moisture from it that soy sauce doesn't but then again that's my opinion. =]

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        Not to worry - it won't have time to do all that if you're salting it as you eat.

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          Don't knock it until you try it!

          The Italian version of raw fish, "crudo", made popular in the U.S. by Mario Batali at Esca in NYC, often has salt as an ingredient. As C. Fox said, it will only be salted for a matter of seconds!

        2. There is a type of sushi, I believe a cooked eel one (correct me if I am wrong), that is served w/ a small sprinkle of salt plus some citrus juice... instead of the normal sweet soy based eel sauce.

          Last time I had some sushi, but forgot that I did not have any Japanese soy at home (Chinese soy DOES NOT work, it's very yucky), so I end up whip up a sriracha (vietnamese hot sauce) + mayo + honey sipping sauce... pretty damn good I had to say...