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May 6, 2002 04:30 PM

Quick help needed! Restaurants in Auburndale nesr Riverside T Stop

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We're going out to Auburndale on the Green Line in a couple hours. I never get out that way, so I'm wondering if you guys can think of any gems within walking distance of the Riverside T-stop.

We're on a student budget, so we're looking for somewhere to eat for less that $20/per person all-inclusive. We are especially fond of Japanese, Mexican, and Thai food. We love all kinds of seafood.

Any thoughts? Much appreciated.

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    This doesn't fall under any of the categories you listed, but the Blue Ribbon Barbecue in West Newton is DELICIOUS (not much seating, but it's nice out..). Follow Rte 16 into Newton. Also, in Newton Lower Falls (basically Wellesley and very close to the Riverside T) there is a Paparazzi. If you're driving, there is a Chinese restaurant on Rte 9 (just follow Cedar St.) called the Wok. It's at the bottom of the downhill ramp and has great Orange Chicken.

    1. Neither West Newton or Waltham are within walking distance. Your only real walking option is Pappa-Razzi in Wellesley. Take a right out of the T station and walk about 1- 1.5 miles right into Wellesley. Trake a right on Washington St and you're jsut 2 blocks away.
      I would consider hopping in a cab from Riverside and head into waltham--there are numerous choices on Moody St, and it shouldn't be more than a $5 cab.