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May 6, 2002 11:12 AM

Boston area salsa question

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Ok. So, it has been recently proved that if Leonard Nimoy ate more salsa he would soon achieve an "unstoppable" level of excellence. This finding is in marked contrast to his current level of excellence, which was found to be "controllable". (see link)

Naturally this has gotten me thinking about the relationship between salsa and my own level of excellence. Problem is, I don't know the first thing about salsa and even less about the specifics of boston area salsa.

So to start me in the right direction, I turn to the experts....

chowhound #2, if I were a tostito in what kind of salsa would you dip me?



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  1. I've yet to find anything in a restaurant that is close to the kind of salsa I grew up with in Texas. As far as the jar variety, Green Mountain is the best I've found in these parts.

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    1. re: Joel

      Oh man, Boston is a tough salsa town. I agree that I don't find much around here that compares to the West. However, Picante's (one in Davis and one in Central Square) has burritos and a SALSA BAR with about 5 bowls of different kinds of salsa. You can take as much as you want, bless them. They have some versions that I think are really pretty good.
      In the grocery store, I think the Frontiera (I think that is what it is, with a yellow label) salsa is pretty good. I like all that fire roasted stuff.

      1. re: dillard10

        Arriba, which seems to be disappearing from local shelves, is my fave, especially the Chipotle flavor (they don't add roasted garlic which, IMHO, is s scourge on salsa).

        It's very similar to Frontera. Used to have it at Star Porter. I can't find it in NYC, so we clear the shelves whenever we can find it. I've even tried contacting coporate HQ and get no satisfaction.

        And I'll second Picante. Their salsas are excellent, unliited, and free, although I prefer Anna's selection of meats.

    2. I would vote for the salsa from La Paloma Restaurant.
      Although they only have two locations (Quincy and Weymouth) you can also get their salsa at Stop and Shop and Shaw's. I'm not sure they sell it at all the locations, but they do in the stores around Quincy. Look in the specialty foods section. Live long and prosper!