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May 4, 2002 10:53 PM

medford/somerville recommendation?

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We've enjoyed Red Bones and are returning to the area to pick up our son for college. We have one dinner and would like a recommendation for anything wonderful.

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  1. s

    I would go to Redbones again and order something totally different. If you had meat before, try the grilled salmon or catfish dinner, or vice versa. I think their menu is too broad to limit to one happy tasting.

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    1. re: ScratchBaker

      I'm guessing you're picking up your son from Tufts, my alma mater! There is a new place in Davis, Orleans, but I've only had breakfast there (delicious, though). There is a wonderful Mexican place on Broadway in Arlington (about 12 blocks from the Foodmaster supermarket near Tufts), called Ole, especially good Chiles Rellenos and shredded pork. And a bit further along, on Mass Ave in Arlington, Blue Ribbon BBQ is the anti-Redbones: savory bbq, not sloppy, with great sides and no thronging subterranean crowds.

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        David "Zeb" Cook

        Since we're walking up Arlington way now, I'll add La Buona Vida (sp?), a little Italian place right where Broadway meets Mass Ave. Lots of interesting specials (leg of lamb stuffed with proscuitto, etc.) and pastas like linguini with favas and roasted potatoes or ground pistachio and gorgonzola sauce.

        David "Zeb" Cook

    2. Bistro 5 in west medford is fabulous! small restaurant with some of the best food north of the city... trust me!

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        Bistro 5 is amazing! You would never know you were in West Medford. TRY IT!

      2. There was a thread on Medford last week plus one on Somerville around 4/24.


        1. I've heard great things about EVOO. It's kind of pricey, but if you're looking for something great I'd try it.

          It's not too far from Davis Square right on Beacon st.

          1. how could i forget Eat? my fave in Somerville, in Union Square --- friendly staff, small but utterly delicious menu, on the upscale price-wise but very casual dining room. yum yum yum.