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May 4, 2002 05:31 PM


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I recently failed spectacularly to win a bet and find myself in the position of owing a friend an evening at Radius.

I have never been to Radius and am aware only that I will walk out of the establishment significantly lighter-of-wallet. Given that certainty I'd like to optimize the dinner for quality and so I humbly turn to you, fellow hounds, for the kindness of your insights.

Has anyone been to Radius recently? Thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated and will be reciprocated by a detailed account of our consumption.



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  1. My condolences on your recent financial setback. On the other hand, you will have a fabulous meal. Most everyting is great. I love a seared scallop dish they do.

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    1. re: 9lives

      I second the scallops.

    2. i recommend doing one of the tasting menus, but if you decide to go a la carte, i suggest:

      foie gras

      ravioli (rabbit maybe?)
      this pork thing -- trotters, i believe, in rilletes over flageolets and with a port wine reduction

      (i wasn't so keen on the diver scallop, but it's still really excellent.)

      (they're all sooooo good. the pastry chef is currently doing a bit of experimentation since connors left as well.)
      cheese cheese cheese. they've got saint agur and morbier on the plate, along with a lovely pecorino.
      the goat cheesecake with huckleberry sauce/compote/ice cream and lemon syrup
      pine nut tart with fennel ice cream and fennel syrup
      a chocolate mousse cake thing with some sort of creme inside. forget the name but it's incredible.

      i think their menus are in some sort of transitional phase (being spring and all), but the aforementioned were all on the menu for dinner friday.

      1. I'd also recommend the tasting menu if you can swing it. The last time I went to Radius (at least 8-9 months ago), they tailored it to someone in our party and served us an all-seafood tasting menu which was outstanding. FWIW, Friday afternoon I sampled their cocktail menu (ahem)and lunch menu. We loved both our lunch entrees, a braised rabbit dish with parpadelle and a duck salad with frisee. AND I would definitely recommend their Watermelon Martinis (vodka and watermelon puree)... :)

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          I was recently treated to a meal at Radius (two weeks ago) and my friend and I each had the six-course tasting's our collaborative recollection of what was served to us, along with the wine served with each course:

          - watercress w/ cucumber & grilled tuna pate -

          1. ceviche w/ ginger & minced shrimp salsa - sparkling wine (california)

          2. breaded & sauteed skate wing - pinot gris/pinot blanc blend (oregon)

          3. seared sea scallop w/ watercress & beet puree - reisling (france)

          4. grilled veal over asparagus and a shallot mousse -
          merlot/cabernet blend (Spain)

          5. grilled beef over haricot verts and potatoes - cabernet (california)

          - cucumber sorbet -

          6. creme brulee, walnut cake, mango italian ice - muscadet

          - profiteroles, carmelized almonds, chocolates -

          3.5 hours.
          6+ wait staff.

          In review, the food and wine were outstanding, but not daring enough. I would have enjoyed some more exotic

        2. Thanks for the insights guys, I really appreciate it.

          I've never had a 'tasting menu' anywhere .. from context it seems to mean we pay N dollars and the chef makes a certain number of dishes for us according to his whim?

          That sounds like an excellent way to go as well except my friend is a vegetarian (who will consent to eating seafood for this one occasion) and I can't eat mangos or nuts. All those things were mentioned in the tasting menu generously recorded by sadotter and I'd feel really weird asking for a tasting menu and then placing our dietary restrictions on it.

          Oh wait, I just noticed that winnie wrote that she recommends "one of the tasting menus" .. does that mean there are several pre-selected tasing menu options?

          sorry i am so naive about all this, gang.
          Incidentally, i am determined to have my first taste of foie gras on this trip to radius. That should increase my sophistication exponentially. :)

          Doubly incidentally, are you responsible for the recent Wang's dumpling article on the phoenix, winnie? (link below). If so, let me be the first here to mention that you officially wrock. especially for using a word like 'toothsome'.



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          1. re: Psmith

            yes -- by all means, impose your dietary restrictions on them. they'll definitely accomodate whatever sort of specifications you give (and their vegetarian selections can be dazzling). if you do end up going with a tasting menu, you might want to let them know ahead of time (ie., when you make your reservation), but hey, i'll bet they enjoy a challenge. in fact, i'm sure they do. (more on that later.)

            and yes, that's my handiwork. very glad you enjoyed it.