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May 4, 2002 07:41 AM

We punted and ended up in Waltham

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Left LA, CA a week ago Thursday and landed in here late Wednesday. Thursday, in POURING rain, looked at and dismissed places in Back Bay, Jamaica Plains, Cambridge and Somerville. Decided finding a place was just too darn hard. Near hotel in Waltham found a place with a LOT more bang for our few bucks and newly renovated. Includes shuttle to Alewife. Will keep suggestions provided by you hounds for Somerville and elsewhere--everything really IS close. Moving in today.

My search of this board for Waltham was one reason we decided to stay here. Moody and Main have lots of great ethnic spots to try. Your preferences between Ritcey Seafood and Waltham Seafood? How about between New Mother India and Little India? What to do about Chinese? See there are lots of Chinese spots here but didn't see a strong preference in earlier postings? Thank you SO much for all the fantastic info you've given so far. Makes transition MUCH easier!

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  1. Check my earlier post on Waltham. All info is still current except Pandorges is closed. A couple of new places....Casa Mia on Newton Street...Solea on Moody Street and Tom Can Cook on Moody Street. If you go to Ritcey's don't forget to try the french fries, onion rings and cold slaw. The also do a great chowder. I work at Domenic's on Friday. Say hello if you stop in.



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      Waltham is a great little town, so that's not a bad punt at all. Restaurants aside, you've got the Embassy Theater, which is a high quality art-house-ish movie theater. You've also got a nice art community there, with lofts just behind the Embassy housing galleries that open to the public from time to time. And it's a very quick, painless T ride (or drive) into Cambridge for more chow choices.



      1. For Chinese in Waltham try Beijing Star on Main Street across from the supermarket.

        Ask for the Chinese menu which is conveniently translated into English, but is not at all standard American Chinese fair. The soups: be sure to specify "homemade noodles" are memorable. The steamed pork bun with fermented vegetable is also awesome.

        Further down main street towards I95 is Gordon's liquors. Boston Magazine's best suburban wine store and I think the best in Boston period. David demystifies wines, has a great selection and very competitive prices.

        There is also an African Grocery on Moody across from the Indian place that serves amazing authentic take out meals. I think the proprietress is from Uganda.

        Enjoy Waltham.