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May 3, 2002 09:06 PM

Sunday Brunch places

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I'm a big fan of Sunday Brunch, especially the all-you- can-eat type (what I like to refer to as "trough style"). I'm curious as to where all the other chowhounds go and their opinion of the places are.

To get things started, here are a few of the places I've been and brief commentary:
Owen O'Learys in Natick - Modest buffet with good food and service. I highly recommend this restaurant. A great price too, with tip, the cost is about $10.00

Dick's Last Resort in Boston- Good selection of hot and cold dishes and desserts. They even had a carving station. My only complaint was that there wasn't a wide selection of breakfast fare- when I was there they only offered omlets to order, bagels, made on the spot waffles. They also offered live gospel/jazz music. With tip, the cost is about $20.00

Rat Pack Cafe in Framingham- Not an all you can eat but a decent offering in it's own right. They offer a fixed three course meal where you can choose the entree.

TGI Fridays- They offer a fixed meal where you choose your entree off the menu.

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Framingham. An ample buffet in two sections. Section one is traditional breakfast fare (scrambled eggs, bread, bagles, cold cereal, pastry, etc.) and section two: hot dishes (including a carving station) and desserts. What I liked best about this you pay according to the quanity of sections you want. If you only want the breakfast fare you pay a partial price. If you want to have the more dinner/lunch oriented fare as well you pay full price.

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    Colonial Inn in Concord, where my wife and I just had our first Sunday brunch as a married couple this last weekend (we got married on Saturday), has an enormous and uniformly wonderful spread. Egg stations, prime rib, breads galore, smoked salmon, smoked scallops, smoked mussells, cheeses up the wazoo, about eight different lunch entrees including a fantastic roast pork loin in coconut curry sauce, and a full table of desserts. You won't find better in Massachusetts.