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May 2, 2002 11:06 AM

Fresh Fish

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Hi all,
I'm having a "roll your own" sushi party and need to know where to get the freshest fish in the Marlboro/Worcester, MA area, any suggestions? Are there any Asian markets around this area also?

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  1. There is a Portuguese seafood market in Hudson. Otherwise I would reccomend driving to Wellesley- Captain Mardens. Bread and Circus may also be a good bet. Twin Seafood in comncord.

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      If you are buying fish to be consumed as SUSHI, then you better buy it from a place that sells it for consumtions as SUSHI.

      The stuff we all eat at SUSHI places are specially prepared for raw consumption. Raw fish meat contain parasites. To properly prepare it for raw consumption, there is a process of feezing the fish meat in a such a way as to kill all the parasites. I think they do it by fast-freezing it.

      Unfortunatelly, I don't know where you can get that around here. I'm from Vanouver BC...where SUSHI is very big there...that's how I know, and there are places where you can buy the fish that is ready for making your own SUSHI.

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      I suggest you pose your question to the Boston Sushi Society (I kid you not!) at They dote on these kinds of things.