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May 1, 2002 11:15 PM

Special Sunday brunch/Waltham-Lexington area

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A challenge for all you chowhounds!

We are having a dedication ceremony for our baby on Sunday, and we are taking his godparents out for a special brunch afterward. We'd like to find a brunch place in the Waltham/Lexington area (Newton/Watertown/Arlington also okay).

Here's the challenge. The godmother and I are both nursing moms, whose babies are allergic or react really badly to dairy and/or soy. I myself also am intolerant of certain foods (such as wheat, alas!). So we need a sit-down meal with a server who can be stringently questioned on menu items ("Are you SURE there is no butter in that?" "Do you use wheat flour to thicken that sauce?" etc.) Also, we would prefer a place that allows us to make a reservation, since we'd rather not make our guests stand around for an hour or so during the Sunday brunch crunch.

So, a non-buffet brunch in the Metrowest area, with at least some tasty selections which do not contain wheat, dairy and/or soy, and where we can reserve a spot. Oh, and which also has traditional egg/pancake dishes for the non-nursing adults and the five-year-old.

Does such a place exist? And if so, can you point us to it?



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