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May 1, 2002 06:11 PM

leaving town: last meals?

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I'm soon going to be moving up north to Concord, New Hampshire for law school, far from the chow-friendly confines of Boston. There are a few good spots in Concord itself (Siam Orchid does very nice Thai) and the surrounding areas, but I'm certainly going to miss the choices down here.

So the question is, if you were leaving Boston (or the Boston chow area), what restaurants and/or meals would you simply have to experience one more time, knowing it might be ages before you had another chance?


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  1. I am also in a position of probable imminent departure from our fair city and just last week turned my mind to the same question

    Obviously this is a very personal matter and everyone's answers will reflect their own experience with both the foods and the accumulation of memories surrounding Boston eateries.

    For my part, the first place to which I sallied forth was Helmand, in Cambridge, where I indulged in their categorically divine pumpkin creations and a spot of lamb. Frankly, I harbor a deep suspicion that the owners of Helman have sequenced the Pumpkin gemone and are the sole keepers of its deepest mysteries.

    The second leg of my must-eat tour will include the Oak Room (to which I've never been but want to try), the upcoming chowhound trip to Peach Farm, and a sampling of the wonderful soups at King Fung Garden.

    After that I am still planning...


    1. L'Espalier was the first thing that came to my mind, for a big blow out meal at least.