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Super 88

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I just wanted to take aminute to see hi to all the beantown hounds. I was back in Boston for a visit with my family and we cruised up to Packard's Corner to do some shopping at Super 88. WOW! Now let's just get something, straight, i am no hick when it comes to asian markets (i live in San Franciso for pete's sake!) But holy cow, you people are soo damn lucky you have no idea. This market is awesome! We have Ranch 99's out here, but they aren't in the city proper (even though some people wouldn't consider Allston part of the city, i do!), not like the Super 88. If i had a market like that within walking distance of my house i would be there everyday! BU students are so lucky i wanna smack 'em!
Anyway, it never fails to amaze me that when ever i move away from home to find what i am looking for, it inevitably ends up showing up a stones throw from my old hood.
Alas, you will never have sushi like we have. but you do have Super 88. and the fried clam.
Revel in your bliss of fine asian foods!

Super 88

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  1. I'm orginally from Vancouver, British Columbia, living in Massachusett now...If you think Super 88 is that nice, then you better head up to Vancouver BC and cruise around...and you'll know the meaning of AWESOME place to shop for Far East goods...It's probably the ultimate place in North America for Far East goods.