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May 1, 2002 01:02 PM

Update - Indonesian@Bangkok Basil

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Recently I visited Bangkok Basil and ordered from their Indonesian menu. What a difference from my last several visits! I thought I've found the place for authentic Indonesian ... that was then ...

This last visit was disappointing, everything ordered were different from expected. The dishes ordered were bakmi goreng (fried noodle), ayam mentega (chicken in butter), bakmi ayam jamur (noodle with chicken and mushroom), and pisang goreng (fried banana).

All of them were ... kinda off, and some plain disagreeable ... at least for my tastebuds. There were some hints of tastes that would've made the dishes authentically Indonesian ... but the final results were not quite right ...

For now, it looks like this place is inconsistent at best. I've been getting different answers as to who the cook is ... one is that the chef is Indonesian, another version is they're all Thais there but they learnt to cook the dishes from some Indonesian ...

Well, there was a hint to the latter which I previously ignored ... the number of misspelings in the Indonesian menu ... Oh, well, the power of wishful thinking - the wish to find authentic Indonesian food :)

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