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Apr 30, 2002 06:49 PM

need a restaurant rec.

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I'll be in Boston next week for a wedding and I have one night (Thursday) that is not full of wedding-related activities. I want to take my sister out to dinner. This is the first time in years that I will be in town WITHOUT my kids, so I'd like to eat somewhere nice. I'll be staying in Boston; she lives in Watertown, works in Cambridge. I would like a lovely meal, worthy of a Chowhound, with a nice cocktail beforehand, nice service, great food, great wine. My sister, on the other hand, is a vegetarian, doesn't drink, and doesn't even like to cook. Can you see my dilemma?
I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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  1. I think any of the nicer places we've talked about would be fine, everybody has vegetarian options and no one ever has to drink. Rialto in Harvard Sq. comes to mind, they have a fun bar altho my boss was there last weekend and didn't like the food as much as he used to. No. 9 Park by the State House has a fun bar and good food with a great view of the Common (if you're lucky enough to get that room). Salamander's bar scene is fun and it has an Asian slant. Prezza in the north end is a nice room with a good bar and pasta dishes will satisfy your sister. Less expensive, the Jae's in Inman Sq. is always crowded and has a lot of noodle dishes.

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      I second the recommendation for Salamander. It is out of this world! Wonderful service, creative drinks (but also the ole standbys), innovative but not weird food, and an overall high quality establishment. It would be a real treat. Make reservations. Enjoy!

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        How about the East Coast Grill on cambridge st. in cambridge? They are fabulous! They always have a grilled veggie platter and it is so much fun to be there! Great margaritas and seafood too! one of my personnal favs!

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          Bill "the account"

          I've dined in the main dining room and was wondering how the satay bar was?

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          Thanks for the input. We've decided on Salamander, and if she's not happy with the vegetarian options, she can eat alot of dessert.
          We gave a Salamander gift certificate to my parents for Christmas which they have yet to use (winters in Florida). It will be fun to compare dining experiences with my parents after they go.
          Thanks again!