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Apr 30, 2002 05:21 PM

Iron Hounds Soft Shell Crab Battle; May 14!!

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I can't stand it anymore, everyone is talking about soft-shell crab season on the other boards! I called my favorite purveyors of ultrafresh Chinese-style seafood, Peach Farm Seafood, to check on their availabilty, as well as preparations...The upshot is, the hounds must gather on May 14, Tues, at 7:30 to answer the eternal question; which is better, spicy salt fried crabs, or ginger and scallion crabs? Whose cuisine reigns supreme!!

Of course, I also emailed a few hounds to see if anyone would like to share this pigout, er, crucial culinary consideration...Ninelives pointed out that we must add the all-important Mei-Kee eels, for which Psmith would perform interpretive dance, and Rubee said we must have wine... Exploratory calls to Our Man Tom, at Peach Farm, revealed there are several other Spring-only specialties that we should consider, among them, Black Sable, or Tautog, stir-fried with watercress, garlic chives(?) with sea conch, and pea pod stems with crab meat, and dried oyster sauce...Not that we have to have all of these, but it is Spring, and we must feast with the season! Or eat soft-shell crabs til we can decide!

SS Crabs at Peach Farm are 3 for $17.95, and the other options, as 9lives pointed out, are not inexpensive...But it's only spring once a year!

9Lives, Rubee, Yumyum, and I are on board; we have space for 4 more!!

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  1. I had the date wrong!!! The real date is MAY 7!!! I am SO sorry!! Okay, now who's in? :)

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Darn! If it was May 14 I would have made the cruise from N'Yawk. Bummer...!

      1. re: The Rogue

        Yeah, surrrre!! ;)

        1. re: galleygirl

          I am a soft shell lover, but no one said where ????
          I live in Cambridge.

          1. re: mimi taylor

            Peach Farm Seafood is on Tyler St in Chinatown.

      2. re: galleygirl

        I'm in. As long as we're being microseasonal, where are we going first for fiddleheads?

        1. re: C. Fox

          Well, I kinda thought you would whip up a batch in the seasonings that you saw fit! :)
          They didn't have'm at Peach Farm...But I'm kind of excited about those garlic chives. At least that's what I think he was describing, he didn't know the English..I said, "Are they long, like thin scallions, with buds on the end?" He said yes...Those ARE farlic chives, aren't they? I saw them at the Super 88 today, and they were just labeled "Special Vegetable"..That helped a lot...)

        2. re: galleygirl

          oh good...May 7..I'm there..

          1. re: galleygirl

            Although I feel guilty about not regaling the group with my recent culinary adventures (parents were in town for several days, a trip to hong honk eatery, and more khao sarn data) I think I'd be remiss if I didn't step up to the plate as it were and request a place near the eel at Peach Farm to celebrate Springtime.

            If there are still seats available please count me in (like Flynn).


            1. re: Psmith

              The eel has your name on it,sir!

              1. re: galleygirl

                Argh... this is killing me... I love those eels!!

          2. Any way Scott and I can push ourselves into this? We'd LOVE to come!

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            1. re: cjb

              And we're at 7...You DO realize it's the 7th, not the 14th, right?

              1. re: galleygirl

                Yup - the 7th works for us. Is that Okay? Can we fit?

                1. re: cjb

                  Yep, you're 6 and 7...

            2. Damn! You know I never missed any chowmeets... but... got class on Tuesday nights. So no can do -_-

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              1. re: Ben C.

                Hey, are you gonnah have any stuff at the Feet of Clay Spring sale?

                1. re: galleygirl


                  ok, seriously...

                  My first attempt at throwing was a crooked bowl. Then I got side-tracked and did a pitcher/decantor for 5 weeks (I am a perfectionist when it comes to art sutff... that is why I can never make a living do that =p)... needless to say, I did not get much done....


                  But I hope to pick up the pace this summer though, hehe.

                  btw, I like Holly's stuff a lot. She is the lady who did all those slab teapots like look like handbags.

              2. If there is room for me, count me in.

                1. Man, I've tried to like soft shell crabs but they kind of creep me out. Obviously I'm in the minority.