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take-out lunches in the Cambridge/Allston area

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I do a weekly take-out lunch with my staff, usually from places in Allston, Watertown, and Harvard/Porter squares. Our range of options hasn't grown in a while, so people are getting a little bit bored. I'm wondering if 'hounds have suggestions for good take-out foods of any variety in these areas.

Our standby restaurants currently include the Greek Corner, Boca Grande, Pinocchio's, Anna's Tacqueria, the Oxford Spa, Blue Ribbon BBQ, Strip-T's, and Moogy's.

Any and all new suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Back to basics. I'd add Ruben's to the mix. Best deli around.

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      Qingdao Garden, right near the Greek Corner!

    2. Give Matilda's in Watertown a try.

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        Peter McCarthy

        For sandwiches, soups, salads:
        Hi Rise (Huron Ave. or Brattle St., Camb.)
        Darwin's (Mt. Auburn St, Camb.)
        Zaftig's (Harvard St in Coolidge Corner)

        And a couple of other good pizza/sub places near Harvard (though I found out the hard way switching pizza on people can cause Balkan-like conflicts):
        Armando's (Huron Ave, Camb.)
        Il Panino (Mass Ave, Camb.)

        1. Tacos Lupita on Elm St.

          Japanese in Porter Exchange

          1. The banh-mi and all the other Vietnamese specialties, (wonderful papaya salad!) from the GooseBearry take-out truck on Ames St. at MIT.

            1. i cannot plug Darwin's on Mt. AUburn St. enough --- delicious bread, kooky staff, baked goods, Formaggio-esque dry goods incl. wine. all the sandwishes are named after the local streets --- my fave is the Chapman, egg salad on sourdough.

              also, S&S uber-deli in Inman Square does a very nice bag lunch catering.

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                This suggestion is THE proverbial hole-in-the-wall, but try Charles Kitchen, 5 N. Beacon St, Allston for their Roast Duck Noodle Soup or other non-standard fare. Really great quality, cheap, and the owner is very pleasant.

                1. Not your average joe's has good pizzas...

                  watertown squre