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Apr 30, 2002 12:41 AM

Emperor's Garden Dim Sum?

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I am heading to dim sum tomorrow morning with friends (it's our reading period/pre-exam tradition). I always go to Chau Chow City, I prefer it to China Pearl and Imperial, it's where my friends and I have always gone. I heard about Emperor's Garden recently....since no one has talked about it much I am lead to believe I should stick with Chau Chow....

if anyone has tried Emperor's Garden I'd be curious to hear if it's any good or any different...



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  1. Well, Eddie Andelman seems to like it! :)..I haven't been, but I've heard there are not a lot of seafood options, so I didn't try it.

    1. As I said in my last post, I went with two friends to dim sum today. Since I had heard about Emperor's Garden from another friend, and I convinced my friends (M and D) that we should look at Emperor's Garden and see if it seemed good.

      We got to the restauarant and headed in cautiously. "We can turn around and go to Chau Chow at any time," we said. We got to the top of the stairs and saw the dining room, which is a pretty cool place. It is very very big. And for a Tuesday around 11:45, it was very crowded. There were about 150 people there I would say, which was a good sign. So we decided to try it.

      Overall, this place is quite good, but different than Chau Chow City. We had steamed pork buns, sticky rice wrapped in steamed dough and steamed sweet buns. None of the fillings were very good, but the dough was nice. D and M did not like the sweet buns, and we all agreed the pork buns are better at Chau Chow City. Then we had spare ribs and the pork/shrimp wrapped in the tofu skin. These were great. Spare-ribs were better than Chau Chow, and last time I was at Chau Chow they didn't even HAVE the tofu skin item.

      Calamari was very good, very similar to CCC. M thought it wasn't hot (temperature) enough, I didn't mind though. We had meatballs, very very good. The steamed, filled rice noodles were fine.

      A cart of very nice looking fried items came by, we passed (except for the calamari). There were whole shrimps though, they looked good.

      But what was strange, especially when you are accustomed to Chau Chow City, is that after 20 mins or so, still NO DUMPLINGS! Finally a dumpling cart came, we had shumai, which were excellent. Veggie dumplings were also really good, just as good as CCC. There were har gau in the cart too but we had had enough. M and I shared one tofu fah (i think that's what it is called). They gave us the ginger syrup on the side to add ourselves, which was nice.

      Total price was 29 dollars for all of the above.

      Overall, D still likes CCC better, I think I do too, although I'd come back to Emperor's Garden for a change of pace. Galleygirl is kind of right though, there are not as many seafood options (not as many dumplings, and I didn't see clams w/ black bean or snails) although there was quite a variety of non-dumpling items, esp. for a Tuesday. Even seafood only people would do fine here.

      After dim sum, M went shopping at the Asian market on the next block, I watched as streams of people lined up for banh mi sandwiches. They look good, i'll try one soon.