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Apr 29, 2002 09:43 PM

Finally on East Coast Time--looking for Farmer's Markets?

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We are in Cambridge--unfortunately the one in OH not the one in MA. Dined on reconstituted prime rib and boil in a bag style chicken; it was pretty much what used to be served on airlines, albeit with real knives.

Cat still cranky, and spouse now cranky too. Annoyed with frequent feeding/bathroom breaks as regards both me and cat. As spouse tossed empty cat food tin into dumpster in McDonald's parking lot (don't worry, I didn't eat there) a bird anointed spouse on shorts, shirt and left arm. Perhaps spouse has a right to be cranky.

One more question for you helpful hounds. We almost never missed a Wednesday Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. Can we look forward to a Farmer's Market in Boston?

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  1. Tell spouse that being annointed by bird guano is considered a sign of good luck..

    Perhaps cat wanted filet'o'fish instead of can..

    Boston area farmer's markets start around mid-June; we know you'll make it by then!

    1. Check out the General Topics board. The Rogue just posted a great link to farmer's markets throughout the US. Just click on "MA".

      1. Here's a website you should find useful.

        Link: http://www.state.ma.us/dfa/massgrown/

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          On the list of Farmer's Markets that Andy attached, Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington/etc. are under Middlesex County & Boston/Charlestown/etc. are under Suffolk County.

          Also, I don't remember if this was mentioned before but every Sat & Sun near the North End (Boston's Little Italy) there is the outdoor Haymarket for excellent deals on produce and some other items. Then there's also Wilson Farms in Lexington which is large yuppified farmstand w/ everything, dairy/bakrey/condiments/flowers. They are more expensive but their quality and selection are always excellent.

          I've been in Somerville for about 10 years & my husband's lived here most of his life. If you have any other specific questions you may email me directly. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

          1. re: SEH

            Haymarket is actually Fri. and Sat.