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Apr 29, 2002 06:08 PM

West Medford Recommendations

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Hi, My husband and I just moved to the West Medford area. Any suggestions for good eats? We're open to everything!
We moved from Arlington, so we've eaten just about everywhere in that niegborhood but never really ventured into the Medford area.

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  1. I like the pizza at Amici's on High Street. Across the street there's the Seafood Depot. They used to be a great stop for fried seafood and lobster rolls, but they seem to have changed hands recently and expanded their menu. Last time I was there I had a very small and non-memorable fried fish sandwich, and a cup of seafood stew that was hearty and good.

    Try the Paul Revere for breakfast, and tell us what you think. I haven't eaten there since I moved out of the area 10 years ago.

    1. Why limit your dinning in Medford to West only? There are many many GREAT places in Medford to eat...

      Bistro 5 in West is one
      Moultons Seafood on Winthrop Street (best fresh fish and dinners around!)
      Bobs Food Market on Main St in South Medford
      Bella Ravioli on Main St in South Medford
      Il Faro in Medford Square
      There is also DePasquales on Main St in South Medford

      The list goes on and on...
      Don't limit yourself to West Medford only if you do you will be missing out on all the other wonderful places Medford has to offer!

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        Love bistro 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! also try Pastalina's on Salem street, very nice guys who own it and fresh!