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Apr 29, 2002 01:40 PM

dok bua thanks

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thanks chowhounds for the dok bua suggestion! went yesterday for the Pad-Bai-Ga-Prow (chicken/dinner special), Tod-Mun , and a frog leg special. I'm definitely forgoing Rod Dee for a while while I explore their menu in more depth. I wouldn't order the dinner special again as the appetizers that come with it aren't very exciting. The tod-mun we ordered separately was really good.

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  1. I was there last night as well! -- and also got the Frogs Legs special. I've never messed with ordering the "Dinner Special" of "Lunch Special" because I find the menu selections too limitng. Rather, I usually seek out one of the menu items posted on the colored signs behind the counter.

    The frog legs were just such an item last night. I opted for the garlic sauce, as the waitress warned me that the chile sauce option was very spicy -- something I'm not a fan of. Anyhow, the frog legs were the best item I've had there yet. Unfortunately, I can't provide a second opinion as the fiancee refused to touch them! She sticks with old faithful: that coconut soup which she loves.

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      The xeroxed B&W sheet tucked into the back of the table meuns usually has even more cool stuff, like the grilled fish and grilled shrimp, if they have them...I agree about the dinner and lunch specials being mundane, but the Phoenix gave them that boost, so I guess everyone went in and tried them...On the other hand, the squid salad they mentioned(not a special) is great!

      1. re: galleygirl

        Where do non-meat-eaters stand on frogs legs?

        1. re: C. Simon

          good question! frogs are members of the Amphibia class, so vegetarians who eat fish but don't eat mammals might not know what to do here.

          1. re: Louise8

            BTW. The frog legs were quite tasty. I wasn't wild about all the deboning I had to do to eat these things. But these frog legs were well worth the effort.

            1. re: Louise8

              I though they were delicious. Things worked out a lot better once I dived right in and treated them as "finger food"!

          2. re: C. Simon

            I've always been a non-frogs leg woman, myself; for some reason, it goes over the line...Maybe cuz they taste like chicken ;)...BTW, for you amphibian fans, Pho 2000 has the traditional Vietnamese salad with grilled frogs legs on top...

            1. re: C. Simon

              They only stand on frogs' legs if they're frogs. (Sorry, couldn't resist)