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Apr 26, 2002 09:42 PM

Taiwan Cafe Eggplant

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Went to Taiwan Cafe tonight, we had the eggplant w/ basil as one of our dishes. I noticed no one has mentioned this dish (or TC) recently, so I thought I'd mention it again so we all remember (although I doubt anyone has forgotten). It's still SOOOOO good.

we also had veggie dumplings, I wasn't too impressed, I thought they were somewhat bland. The pork w/ tofu and mustard greens was delicious, very healthy tasting and not the slightest bit greasy.

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  1. So far the only complaint I have heard or read against the basil eggplant was from someone (or their dining partner) not liking basil. The legend continues...

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    1. re: wrayb

      It was me. I don't dislike basil, just felt it overpowered the eggplant in that dish. Coincidentally, I was just thinking about getting the spicy eggplant w/ rice from my cheap standby, the Food Wall in JP.

    2. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been in a while but it's on my calenday for this week.