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Apr 26, 2002 07:45 PM


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Does anyone have any experience eating at Redline in Harvard Square? How noisy is it, and how's the food? Thanks in advance.
Alexandra Hans

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  1. I posted about it in the Harvarad Sq. eats thread. It was fine, but I went early on a Tues. so it wasn't super crowded. Altho fairly busy when we left at 8:30 or so. Three of us got a bruschetta app, marinated steak w/ greens and some other steak salad combo and I got a bacon cheeseburger w/ fries. It was fine, good service. Entrees are in the $13-20 range. I walked by last nite (in Harvard Sq. twice in one week, a rare occurrence) and it was packed as was most of the Square.

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      I've had 2 dinners there.
      The desserts are good. Really great bread pudding and chocolate cake.

      Dinners were disappointing. One with the duck - duck was fine, some sort of rice with peas and bacon seemed thrown together and not appropriate for restaurant dining. More like something my mother would make on an off night.
      One with spaghetti, which was ok, but not something I'd go back for.

      However, not that much else in that price range in Harvard Sq. I'd say either go ethnic, try out shay's or bartleys for a burger or go upscale to harvest et al.

      I may try redline again in a few months to see if it has settled down.

    2. The food at Redline in Harvard Square was just fine, even if not superb(cole slaw and mashed potatoes were only fair) but the ambience, the moderate sound level, service and pace of the meal -leaving us an opportunity to linger- were very, very good. Six of us had a round table, and enough time and space to enjoy our celebration.