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Apr 26, 2002 02:13 PM


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Crawfish festival posting on the general board raised the question: Is there any place around here where one can buy crawfish (not frozen)? My husband tried to find some years ago, but the only option he could find was getting them shipped from Louisianna, and you had to buy like 50 lbs. at a whack. Tough if you're not having a pretty big party......

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  1. I can't help you about getting crawfish around here, but.....if I were interested in hosting a big crawfish cook-off, and could get them shipped form Louisiana, could you help me with the info that your husband got as to whom to contact and prices perhaps? Summer is coming, and a crawfish cookout sounds tempting if the prices weren't too extravagant.

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      I'm so sorry. It was a long time ago and he no longer has the info. At the time he found several vendors in the New Orleans phone book willing to ship. Good luck!

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        Just noticed they're talking about crayfish on the Pennsylvania board (it's definitely nearing jazz fesitval season!). Hopefully I'm attaching the link.....


    2. I saw them at Stop & Shop last week in the fish dept.

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        Live? Or at least raw? Which Stop and Shop?????????

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          Good point, they were already cooked, but they might be able to get you live ones. I dunno. You might also try one of the big fish/lobster places in town, like James Hook.
          The Stop & Shop I saw them at was on Rt. 9/27 in Natick.

      2. But think of all the chowhounds you could feed!

        1. I think all local crawfish are thawed from frozen. I'm not sure if it makes economic sense to transport crawfish live. My idea has always been to get someone traveling from LA to bring back about 20LBs. In season Jan-Jun, spicy-boiled crawfish could be had for under $2/lb down there.

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            So, got any leads on crawfish mules? :)