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Apr 25, 2002 05:11 PM

Looking for takeout spots in the Tewksbury area

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I just got a new job in this area and can't find any decent places for lunch. I'm not looking for anything fancy (no wait staff required). All there seems to be is chains and I just can't fathom the idea of eating at McRat, Burger King and Papa Gino's every day. I guess I got spoiled in downtown and Cambridge. Thanks!

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    jerry ferullo

    On main street a new place just opened. The name is J T Soho's. It's a deli. Prices are good and portions are large (it's down by the post office). At the other end of main st (near Home Depot) is Frankie's. They make a pretty good sub. Otherwise, I'm afraid everything is Pizza and McDonalds.

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      Thanks for your help Jerry. I'll definitely try those two places. One place that I found that is okay is The Pushcart in the plaza with Brooks and Blockbuster. They have a really nice salad bar but it gets a little pricey, if you don't watch yourself. Today, I had an $8 salad for lunch.

    2. There's a place further down Main Street (where an old Brueggers used to be) at an intersection with a set of lights called Skewers. I've not been, but relations in Tewksbury tell me its good (grilled kabob stuff I guess). French's is okay, the Deli King makes a great sandwich and you can get hot meals on the the cheap, and try the bakery Mirabella's for pizza/calzone. Further down toward Tew Mac is Mac's Ice Cream (you can get a dog/sandwich there) and across from that is a little place Brothers Pizza/Subs, and across from that is a meat pie place,....ride the main street, you might be surprised.