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Apr 25, 2002 01:23 AM

Jamaica Plain- anything edible?

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I'm going to be visiting relatives in Jamaica Plain in several weeks. Are there any restaurants there that I must go to? Or even close by? I'm flexible: cheap ethnic holes in the wall are fine as are more expensive places.

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  1. There's a ton. In Hyde Square: Zon's (fancy home cooking), Bella Luna (pizza/pasta), Sorella's (breakfast and lunch), El Oriental de Cuba and Miami (see Cubano thread below). On Centre St.: Perdix (the nicest place in JP), Centre St. Cafe (healthy eats), Cafe Cantata (cafe and dinner on Thurs-Sat), JP Seafood (Japanese), the Indian, Thai and Vietnamese places in JP Centre, the Galway for cheap family (smoky) type eats, Ideal pizza for cheap Greek style pizza and subs. Elsewhere: the Eritrean restaurant on Washington St., Doyle's (lots of beers, basic menu), Jake's BBQ, Dogwood Cafe by the Forest Hills station (pizza, pasta, sandwiches), Fasika Ethiopian on So. Huntington, Latino across from the Stop & Shop. There's a start.

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      yeah, sorella's is arguably the best breakfast /sunday brunch joint in boston.

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        and Pupusa Guanaca on Centre street next to the Brendan Behan.

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          In response to the edible question for JP - Tacos El Charro on Centre Street. Try the Chile Verde Burritos, tender and delicious. Added weekend bonus- Mariachi Band Fri, Sat and Sun. night.

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            I had a HORRIBLE experience at Tacos el Charro that will keep me from ever returning. A few months ago the missus & I took a friend there for a Sunday brunch. We ordered a relatively modest amount of food, and then waited for AN HOUR--the dining room was not very busy, mind you, and we could see the cooks putter in the kitchen through the window--for our food to arrive. At the one-hour mark we got up, paid for our drinks (at which point we were told "but your food is just about ready"!), and left (hungry).

            The service at TeC has always been slow, but this was ridiculous. There are better Mexican places in the Boston area that will serve you in under an hour.

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          Ira Sacharoff

          Thanks folks for the suggestions. We went to the Centre Street Cafe in Jp which was terrific, and I had a great time in Boston, though I saw my beloved Seattle Mariners lose to the Red Sox at Fenway.

        3. doyle's is the _real_ neighborhood bar in boston.

          also, for indian food bukhara on centre street. also have heard good things about the 711 vietnamese restaurant on centre street.

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            I would only hit 711 Vietnamese if you're in the neighborhood, and feel very lazy....Not very good, or very generous, Vietanmese....