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Apr 24, 2002 08:58 AM

Buffalo Wings

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Where do Chowhounds go for Buffalo Wings in the Boston Area ?? The place I go to when I can is Wing It on Comm Ave in Brighton,but since I am in Somerville I really don't get out that way much. In Somerville I go for the wings at the Powderhouse Pub,they are crispy and not too smothered in the sauce,which is a nice change from most places.

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  1. Back in January on this site there was a pretty good discussion of area chicken wing joints. The link is below.


    1. I like Wing It too, the wings are huge. But they changed their delivery hours and it doesn't work out anymore for the work parties we occasionally have. Oh well.

      1. Back in the previous listing Buff's Pub in Newton Corner got good reviews and I agree. Some of the best wings in Boston.

        Far from Somerville, but hey, I go to Inman Square to hit Rosie's for sweets.

        I also recommend the Sunset Grill on Brighton Ave. in Allston. Heck, they also have 80+ beers on tap and the rest of their bar food is not bad.

        Buff's is better though.

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          Screaming Chicken

          Wings Express in Medford is good. The have a wide variety of flavors too. They are strictly takeout though.