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Apr 23, 2002 01:10 PM

MetroWest Mexican Food

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For great Mexican food, I highly recommend Acapulco's on
Boston Post Road (Route 20) in Sudbury. This is good, honest Mexican dining not the stuff of Casa de Corporate like Chi Chi's or El Torito's.

I feel you definately get your money's worth. The portions are very ample and average about $10.00 an entree. The menu is broken down to combination meals; chicken, seafood, pork, tacos, dishes; chimichangas, etc. The also offer the usual soup, salad, bar offerings, desserts, and a kids menu. They are definately worth the trip

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  1. The food was good, the waiter very surly. I felt like I was in Tijuana.

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      I thought the food and the service were great! very inexpensive for the quality and quantity! not chain mexican but a bit of authenic! I will definitely go there again!

    2. Acapulco has also opened in downtown Franklin, MA in the space formerly occupied by the dearly departed Aztec Cafe. Have been twice already. Food, service, and value all excellent.